Ghiaccioli & Branzini

Dj & Producer  (Italy)


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Ghiaccioli & Branzini (GeB) is famous for a particular and unforgivable style he has defined over the years. The base is always electronic music but contaminations are numerous, i.g. Blues, Jazz and folk music.

Behind this curious name (Ice-cubes and sea bass) lies the producer and DJ Marco Dalmasso. Born in Turin, he started to play in small clubs and bars of the city when he was 16, in 2000 he moved to Florence and gave life to the GeB. There it was a sort of experiment, mixing genres and increase collaborations with many musicians. Ghiaccioli and Branzini became unique and well know on the Italian DJ scene. In 2010 he was together with producer Tulioxi, Dj Grissino, Alberto Becucci (accordion) and other musicians in Global Kan Kan combo participating in numerous festivals in Italy and in Europe and realising many records with Clatter records, Multivitamins (Uk) and Sound Materials.

Since 2012 Ghiaccioli and Branzini is active on a non-stop tour in numerous projects and interactions among electronic and live music, i.g. Camillocromo Beat Band, Fanfara station, Hugolini.

He also composed several soundtracks for TV spots, fashion shows and advertising campaigns collaborating with international brands such as: Noris, Superduper Hats, Gucci, Levi’s, Guess, Personal Archives, Sebago, Saks Fifth Avenue and many more …

Last important releases:  Prison Entertainment (Uk) || Gandy Dancer /// ChinChin Records (DE) || Baffina (feat Alberto Becucci) /// Pop Fiction (Uk) Stereotype / Ghiaccioli e Branzini Remix /// Musicadesso (US) Sciakatan P.Voltarelli / Ghiaccioli e Branzini Remix /// Mattinata Fiorentina – Cumbia Rmx / Ghiaccioli e Branzini (Moustache Savage)