Musicastrada Festival

world summer music festival experience in Tuscany Italy

Musicastrada Festival is an itinerant event focused on music, photography and territory promotion based in Tuscany (Italy), usually from the half of July to the Half of August.

The Festival supports the transnational circulation of artistic works having a heterogeneous audience that usually cannot access directly to such events organized only in the biggest towns. In fact, most of the events are organized in small towns.

Concerts are free of charge with local and international artists coming all over the world.
Their location is the main town square with different kinds of music for a global vision of the world including different cultures, traditions, and attitudes.

From small intimate squares to bigger ones, the audience may vary from 100 to 800 hundred each night.

At the Musicastrada Festival, one is able to connect to the old Tuscany mood finding oneself in the world-famous landscapes and ancient villages where time seems to stand still and finally eating at typical restaurants run by families.

Music is the way to overcome language barriers and support intercultural dialogue among different countries and different people.

Musicastrada Festival has been defined as one of the Italian Boutique Festivals where locations are the main strength: don’t expect big stages, massive crowds and overwhelming lines, this is not our attitude.

We like and offer indeed intimate atmosphere, small stages (even if some can be considered big) and small squares where all is organized for music, artists and audience enjoying a real sound in the endless beauty of our country.

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Musicastrada’s selection is now more orientated towards world music than before as during the years it became more and more appreciated by Italian and international audience.
Besides, Musicastrada Festival has its own followers trusting this brand and  we can select great artist sometimes still unknown to the most.


During summer, obviously!  In July and August but with possible openings in June.


Since 2000 we have been organizing 21 yearly events in 28 Western Tuscany towns achieving 367 concerts and hosting more than 1636 artists coming from 57 countries in the world i.g. Albania, Algeria, Angola, Argentina, Australia, Belgium Benin, Brazil, Bulgaria, Burkina Faso, Camerun, Canada, Cabo Verte, Chile, China, Cyprus, Colombia, Cuba, France, Germany, Honduras, India, Iran, Iraq, Irlanda, Reunion Island, Israele, Italy, Macedonie, Madagascar, Mexico, Mongolia, Mozambico, Nepal, Norway, New Zeland, Holland, Pakistan, Polonia, Portugal, Russia, Scotia, Senegal, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Togo, Tunisia, Turkey, Hungary, UK, Uruguay, USA, Zimbabwe, with a total audience of around 100,000 people (on the basis of an average of 300 people in small squares and 500 people in bigger ones) involving 210 workers in the entertainment industry (sound and light engineers, technicians, production and promotion managers, press officers, art directors etc..).


Musicastrada Festival is a project with the aim to promote cultural tourism, connecting historical, architectural and landscape beauties to music, photography and local food. The musical event becomes a pretext for both tourists and local population to live the urban environment in a different way. For example audience have the chance to arrive earlier and visit villages, admire its beauties and taste local food and wine.

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