edition 2014

– 22 free entry gigs in 22 different towns of Tuscany

– Aperistrada: an “aperitivo” just before the concert, a moment to live in this long journey across the Province of Pisa. Typical dishes, local producst and wines at good price.

– L’arte del TRIO: jazz music workshop with Rosario Bonaccorso Fabrizio Bosso Roberto Taufic

– Il tempo dello Scatto; photography workshop

– the 11th edition of the photo contest Fotografando la Musica 

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All gigs are free and start at 9. 45 p.m.

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july 15 - 9.45 p.m.

violons barbares (FR BG B)

july 15 – 9.45 p.m.

Barbaric violins – Balkan melodies, galloping rhythms and majestic throat singing. The trio is composed of two fiddle players and a percussionist. From the steppe country of Mongolia will Dandarvaanchig Enkhjargal, who sings overtone singing and playing Morin Khoor (Horse-Head Fiddle). Bulgarian Dimitar Gougov plays gadulka, an instrument with three melodic and 11 resonant strings! When it comes to the French drummer Fabien Guyot, he plays everything that can be imaginable to create sound, it may be the African tambourine, salad bowls, pots… Violons Barbares is three virtuosos as the masterly way takes us to the musical destination we did not know existed. The competitions and improvise – and impresses in all their creativity!

buti pisa

july 21 - 9.45 p.m.

bonaccorso bosso taufic “In mezzo c’è solo il mare” (ITA)

july 21 – 9.45 p.m.

“… When on a journey, I believe that the choice of whom you travel with is more important than that of the destination …”
Once again he knows how to choose with sensitivity and attention the musicians for paint his music. At his side, to chisel with intuition the evocative melodies is trumpeter Fabrizio Bosso also present in recent recorded works of Rosario Bonaccorso and complement the work is the Argentine saxophonist Javier Girotto and the Brazilian guitarist Roberto Taufic,
Thanks to their poetic interpretation, the Bonaccorso’s overseas trips around the Mediterranean, the America’s Jazz scene, Brazil and Argentina – places belonging to the World and the Soul – have been further enriched. 
Pure ingredients, essential, that under the leadership of Rosario Bonaccorso give life to the diverse world of emotions, humanity, passion and joy that his music can give us.

montopoli pisa

july 22 - 9.45 p.m.

kerkim (ITA)

july 22 – 9.45 p.m.

An idea in continuous movement. A passionate research between the sinuous texture musical expressions of the Mediterranean. Kërkim is a musical travel trough Turkey, Andalusia, Egypt, Greece, Epirus and southern Albania, from which they belong the name of the group (TRANS. query). They listen and play along with the local musicians, they present melodies and blend colours and essences of those places with their own musical backgrounds. At the end of the journey they make “hope” of communication of different expressions. They improvise, “balkanise”, popularise and jazz notes in an interesting creation of world music.

castelfranco di sotto pisa

july 23 - 9.45 p.m.

innes sibun (UK)

july 23 – 9.45 p.m.

Classic rock the blues magazine – “Innes Sibun is the best sort of musician: overflowing with ideas and energy sure, but drawing on a deep wellspring of feeling thats undeniable and immediately infectious”
Total guitar magazine – “Probably the best blues you’ll hear all year”
“He’s toured the USA in Robert Plant’s band, topped major festivals across Europe with his own band, and is one of the finest electric blues guitarists in the UK. So why isn’t Innes Sibun famous ? Answers on a postcard …..” – Venue magazine
“There are moments of quite exquisite beauty here…should be filed under EXCELLENT ” – Paul Lewis, Blueprint magazine review of “East monroe”
“National treasure status awaits” – Classic rock magazine.

calcinaia pisa

july 24 - 9.45 p.m.

luke winslow king (USA)

july 24 – 9.45 p.m.

Luke Winslow-King (born March 12th 1983) is a guitarist, singer, composer, and lyricist known for his slide guitar work, and interest in pre-war blues and traditional jazz. Winslow-King’s work consists of an eclectic mix, taking in delta-folk music, classical composition, ragtime, and rock and roll; juxtaposing original songs with those from a bygone era. Whether solo, or with a band, Winslow-King offers an original sound that is both rustic and elegant. He delivers energetic and dynamic performances, with his burgundy voice and versatile guitar playing.

calcinaia pisa

july 25 - 9.45 p.m.

sandro joyeux (FRA)

july 25 – 9.45 p.m.

Alexandre Joyeux Paganini was born in Paris in 1978, from a French mother and a Italian father. When he is 7-years-old, he is a “scugnizzo” free to wander alone in Paris till the dead of night. When he is 16-years-old, attracted by street life, he drops out of school. On the day of his eighteenth birthday, he leaves for Firenze with just one purpose in mind: meet up with his father for the first time. He stays there for some months, working as manual laborer or pony express, and learns Italian. He is always travelling between Italy and France, from Firenze to Paris and vice-versa by hitchhiking, Vespa or train (without tickets). He knows by heart all service stations, and he can relies on various truckers who always give him a lift.

vicopisano pisa

Hannah Williams is a whirlwind of soul, love, lust and anger that leaves behind tatters of whichever stage she graces. She’s backed by an outstanding crew of the finest musicians the UK has to offer. After the success of debut album “A Hill of Feathers” in 2012, the band was catapulted all around Europe, capturing the hearts of all they met. Along the way they supported and drew praise from Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings, Cat Power, Charles Bradley, Giles Peterson and Craig Charles. Not to mention garnering over a million views on YouTube for their first Single “Work It Out’. Backed by her band, Hannah made several trips to Europe to headline festivals and wowed audiences with notable performances at Shambala, Lambeth Country Show and two consecutive headlines at Larmer Tree’s stage where they bookended Jools Holland’s legendary set.

loc. san casciano cascina pisa

july 28 - 9.45 p.m.

7 Modi con stefano “cocco” cantini e antonello salis (ITA)

july 28 – 9.45 p.m.

From a Stefano “Cocco” Cantini’s idea a concert inspired by the mediterranean culture and the ancient civilization based on original songs and the participation of great musicians such as Antonello Salis, Andrea Lagi, Valentina Toni and Enrico Rustici. In the ancient Greece “modality” was called with striking names: Ionica, Dorica, Frigia, Lidia, Misolidia, Eolia and Locria. Everyone of those was a “different mood” associated with a different sound. Till now these modality are part of modern jazz language. Modal Jazz means right this…a difficult concept to explain, but essential in music history that this project try to explain, trough popular music from Maremma.

montopoli pisa

july 29 - 9.45 p.m.

adriano viterbini (ITA)

july 29 – 9.45 p.m.

Adriano Viterbini is wellknown to be the guitar player and co-founder of Bud Spencer Blues Explosion, a very famous italian duo that plays a kind of 2.0 rock/blues. In this soloist project he comes back to the “cradle”, to the roots of the music he loves. A concert trough american primitive guitar like the late John Fahey loved to define his kind of music. Adriano plays and tell us of his music with echoes from the past and with the minimal blues from Ry Cooder and John Fahey. But not only blues, but everything around the guitar world. Tunes, sounds, colours…and instrumental intelligence.

loc. montecalvoli s.maria a monte pisa

An explosive and exciting group that combines tradition and innovation in the so-called “Power Gypsy Dance”. They mix klezmer, armenian, balkanian music and pizzica from Salento (Apulia) with an unconventional ensemble: electric violin, accordion, electric double-bass and modified drums.
And…most of their music repertoire is ORIGINAL
World music with a rock attitude!!!
“GENAU!”, is the new, highly anticipated, album from Baro Drom Orkestar, published by the label “Musicastrada Records”, producedtop_mailbdo_standard by the Orkestar and Davide Mancini.

san miniato pisa

july 31 - 9.45 p.m.

arsene duevi quartet (TG)

july 31 – 9.45 p.m.

Arsene Duevi; bass player, guitar player, singer, choir director and also ethnomusicologist. When living in West Africa he made a thorough investigation into the rhythms and local singings and has been the director of the main choir of the Cathedral of Lomè in Togo. Arsene’s music is extremely expressive, and by the use of the ancient African wisdom and the African proverbs it brings you to into moment of reflection and consideration. His songs talk about peace, justice, nature, children’s rights and the necessity of personal commitment when dealing with many life issues.
“Impeccable for the choir parts constructed in the voice-over dubs, the emotions on the live recordings…” Blow Up April 2011

santo pietro belvedere capannoli pisa

Camillocromo Beat Band is a new Electro­Swing and Vintage Beat project that includes Camillocromo, a funambulatory Circus Band, Ghiaccioli e Branzini, a DJ and Producer that is one of the best in the Italian Nu Jazz scene, and Piero Gesuè, a very talented and energetic Jazz Singer and Scatman. The Old Style sounds of the band (Swing, New Orleans, Latin) and the breath­taking quality of the voice blend with the electronic grooves and atmospheres, producing an explosive mix that is also powerful and elegant.

pontedera pisa

“Canto Popolare Libero Pensare” is a show about the last 6 years of the professional career of Ginevra di Marco. It’s about discovering traditional popular music, from the Mediterranean sea till South America and beyond. In these years Ginevra meet up with faces, sounds, memories, she made her own songs in different languages coming from all over the wold, compared herself with artists of italian scene, exchanging with them musical and human experiences, analyzed important social matters like job, immigration, corruption, women’s condition, environment sustainability, all linked with the popular music, perfect medium to preserve this subjects generation to generation. With Francesco Magnelli and Andrea Salvadori.

montecastelli pisano castelnuovo val di cecina pisa

Ema Yazurlo Y Quilombo Sonoro is the project ofe the singer of La Zurda that with this tour will presents the new album “Musika y Amor” a pout- purri amazing sound that will appeal to folk wisdom in the first place and mixed with latin, funk, rap, reggae, hip hop, electro swing with the indigenous South American folk songs, a sort of etnofolk and urban sounds. In the three albums released by the band La Zurda , you can listen to different music styles and a wide mix of culture, from the “songs” of Native Americans to the new mezcla electro- sounds modern and always from the heart to the roots of their land.

serrazzano pomarance pisa

august 5 - 9.45 p.m.

naomi berrill (IRL)

august 5 – 9.45 p.m.
Naomi Berrill is an Irish cello player and singer, she’s is currently based in Florence where she works as a freelance musician.
After classical studies Naomi started a solo project for cello and voice and so far she has collaborated with cellist Giovanni Sollima, New York City Ballet, Crash Ensemble, writer Stefano Benni and many dance and theatre groups such as Virgilio Sieni who is the current director of the Biennale Danza in Venice.
Naomi first solo album will be released in January 2015 in collaboration with Musicamorfosi and with the great support of Saul Beretta

monteverdi marittimo pisa

august 10 - 9.45 p.m.

Acoustic Strawbs (UK)

august 10 – 9.45 p.m.

As Strawbs celebrate four decades of music making, it is still difficult to categorise the unique sound that has made them Britain’s most successful international progressive folk-rock band. David Cousins, who leads the group, has been described by the influential All Music Guide as: “the most talented Dylan influenced songwriter to come out of England”. Strawbs are often mentioned in the same breath as progressive rock bands like Yes, King Crimson, and the Moody Blues. It is well documented that Rick Wakeman left Strawbs to join Yes but returned to appear at Strawbs 40th Anniversary Celebration.

montecatini val di cecina pisa

The brasilian singer Daniella Firpo along with guitar player Rogerio Tavares and Roberto Rossi on percussion, are the trio “Pau Brasil”. Their musical subject is the famosu samba & bossa nova jazz, and the rythm from Bahia like “Ijexa” and “samba-de-roda”. Daniella was born in Bahia and since 2007 she lived in Italy and Brasil. His particular vocal tone, deep and soft, make her famous in the music scene of the Bahia state. Thanks to these peculiarity she took part in important TV shows and, for three times, at famous Salvador carnival.

casale marittimo pisa

august 12 - 9.45 p.m.

Marton Caudai Capitani (ITA)

august 12 – 9.45 p.m.

Marton, Caudai, Capitani is a new power trio born from the union of three big and famous italian rock musicians. The show is built around the music world of Tolo Marton, a journey trough the classic rock (from Cream to Hendrix), originals and songs from “Le Orme”, a famous italian progressive band. Roger Glover says about him: “Tolo is for Italy a national treasure”. In 1998 Tolo won the prestigious “Jimi Hendrix Guitar Festival”, the only italian ever reaching this prize.

riparbella pisa

Release the dockings and leave for a fascinating travel going along with the “Sabir”, the ancient mediterranean language. This could be the “meaning” of the show of Stefano Saletti and Piccola Banda Ikona in a striking mediterranean night. Stefano is long time professional and multi instrumentalist world music musician, and founder of Piccola Banda Ikona, with great artists like Barbara Eramo on Vocals, Mario Rivera on bass and Leo Cesari on percussions. Theis songs are in Sabir, the ancient language spoken by sailors, pirates, fishermans, merchants in the mediterranean harbours: from Genoa to Tangeri, from Salonicco to Istanbul, from Marsiglia to Algeri, from Valencia to Palermo.

chianni pisa

august 19 - 9.45 p.m.

Duo Bottasso (ITA)

august 19 – 9.45 p.m.

The Bottasso brothers, Nicolò on violin and Simone on diatonic accordion, play a show of world music with their own compositions and reinterpretations of folk songs. The Duo is always looking for a compromise between the delicacy on their instruments and the explosive energy that never fails to these two young musicians: all this combined with the complicity of this two brothers bound by the desire to keep evolving the tradition of their homeland. In 2014 Duo Bottasso releases his first album Crescendo, featuring Elena Ledda, Mauro Palmas, Gilson Silveira and many others guests. Cresendo symbolizes both the music dynamics and a the story of two brother musicians firmly rooted in the dance music of the Occitan area in Italy, aiming at the adeventuring in the paths of new compositions and improvisation.The Duo played in many important festivals and works as directors and teachers for the orchestral project Folkestra&Folkoro.

la pieve santa luce pisa