Musicastrada Festival 2015


– 14 free entry gigs in 14 different towns – #musicastradafestival15

– Scenary photos workshop with PINO NINFA: Travelling with the music – July 19/20 LUGLIO Montopoli in Val d’Arno

– “Let us make guns shoot candies” –  Photo exhibition by Veronica Croccia

– Aperistrada – an “aperitivo” just before the concert, a moment to live in this long journey across the Province of Pisa. Typical dishes, local producst and wines at good price – #aperistrada15

– Dopostrada – #dopostrada15staytuned
The palylist of the band/artists that has played in teh festival

– the 12th edition of the photo contest Fotografando la Musica

How to give your contribution to Musicastrada’s gigs? It’s easy: you can buy the artists’ CD or other local products or just leave a free and voluntary offer

All gigs are free and start at 9. 45 p.m.

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Musicastrada Festival has been realized with the support of: Regione ToscanaProvincia di Pisa

and the valuable financial support of: Fondazione PISA, Vetrina Toscana, Geofor SPA, Ecofor Service, Rea Spa, Asa Spa, Toscana Energia, Camera di Commercio di Pisa, Unicoop Firenze, Acque Spa, Pontedera Revisioni e Collaudi, Carrozzeria Record Fucecchio, Graziani Candele, Team 2000, Bieffe di Barnini, Opel Emmepiauto, Euroferramenta Miglio, Hotel Ristorante Quattro Gigli, Bar dell’Orso, Cerri Massimo Oreficeria, Ristorante Da Piero, Ristorante Da Remo, Ristorante La Grotta Cascina, Ristorante Le Volte, Tabaccheria Rosamilia, Ristorante La Pescaccia, Ristorante La Bottega di Papacqua


Piaceri Proletari is a band started up in 2013 in small clubs, squares and other locations of the real “old” Florence historical center, the original one, not the one reviewed in Lonely Planet.
Their music is a blend of various genres, time and origin with the typical syncopated italian style from the 50s.

Santo Pietro Belvedere, capannoli pisa


july 20 - 9.45 p.m.

puglia jazz factory

july 20 – 9.45 p.m.

The band mixes up best young jazz personalities embracing an innovative and well defined artistic line. Thanks to the their strong personalities, this project is made by multi sound with a commonbackground. PJF is really a breath of fresh air.

Montopoli (Pisa)

Morwenna Lasko & Jay Pun have a sound all their own. Having influences from all over including Jazz, Funk, Worldbeat, Classical and more, to categorize their music is nearly impossible. In concert their energy is powerful while still being delicate enough to dig deep into listeners’ hearts and make them weep. As a duo or with their full band, they are definitely a strong force and continue to bring freshness to their fans.

Castelfranco di Sotto (Pisa)

Electronic, acoustic and visual, this is the new concert by Roberto Angelini, the well-known guitar player, composer and singer from Gazebo (Rai Tre national TV station). This summer he plays with Fabio Rondanini on drums (Calibro 35) and Mr. Cofee, the dubmaster.
An evocative show with many kinds of music and visual moments. A gig not to be missed.

calcinaia (pisa)

Paz Gitana, nomad music for the redemption of the earth, is the travelling project of Quintana Paz Chilean songwriter, arranger and multi-instrumentalist, who travels the world collecting folk music of every land and rhythms of urban folklore and popular. Paz creates original music played with guitars, ukulele, accordeon, cabaquiño, venezuelan cuatro, drums, bass.  Music for “Being”, transgressive texts, a humorous social speech, death and rebirth through songs, a ritmic therapy.
Musician, interpreter and poet, paz quintana represents the new song chilean. Global language son of the journey, passing from mexico to meet the old gipsy europe.

vicopisano pisa

Alexia Coley is a singer and songwriter from West London. Her sound is a modern twist on classic soul and her debut album was released in October 2014.
Her two singles Drive Me Wild and Keep The Faith have been in rotation in a lot of important italian radio network.
His live at for Musicastrada Festival will be performed with a 7 piece band!

Loc. San Casciano cascina (Pisa)

The URA project started up in 2010, as a studio of research of emotions, feelings and longing communal to all mediterranean peoples.
Maria Mazzotta with his voice represents Salento, Apulia and Redi Hasa Albania…two faces of a similar world looking each others, divided only by a small piece of sea.

loc. Montecalvoli santa maria a monte (Pisa)

july 30 - 9.45 p.m.

frankie chavez (PT)

july 30 – 9.45 p.m.

Rock Blues Folk Surf, these four words can only partially describe FRANKIE CHAVEZ’s world, rocker and surfer from the new surfers’ paradise: Portugal
Rock, because his music reflects the real spirit of this genre; essential, powerful, universal…
Blues because Frankie learned from the greatest American blues masters, creating his own personal interpretation
Folk because in his poignant ballads you can find sun, sea sunsets…
Surf because his music is sunny, strong and determined, like the sea and the huge Portuguese waves
But…he has a European soul and this what differs him from all the other rockers of his generation

pontedera pisa

august 2 - 9.45 p.m.

trio tesi geri carboni (ITA)

august 2 – 9.45 p.m.

Banditaliana founder members plays their best songs from the their famous contemporary popular music records (PresenteRemoto, Crinali, Acqua foco e vento, Sopra i tetti di Firenze), in an intimate new way.
The fascinating Riccardo Tesi’s accordion, the guitar and the unique vocals of Maurizio Geri and the Claudio Carboni’s sax play together drawing beautiful mediterranean melodies with a sound that move straight the soul and the heart of the listeners

loc. Montecastelli Pisano, Castelnuovo Val di Cecina pisa

Italian born violin wizard Luca Ciarla owns the stage with his fiddle and a few toy instruments. With a loop pedal he plays and records on the spot new virtuoso passages and unique sounds, using the violin like a guitar, a cello or a percussive instrument. In this imaginative landscape Luca sings, whistles, plays other little instruments; music is continuously evolving into a dazzling solo string band! Fiddler in the Loop features original arrangement of traditional tunes and music by L. Ciarla, D. Reinhardt, The Beatles and P. Conte. “…a magical acoustic seduction where everybody can find familiar influences…from genuine folk to sophisticated jazz.” Vera Lisi, Il Fatto Quotidiano (Italy)

loc. san dalmazio pomarance pisa

Their songs programme follows a path through sounds and forms of the gypsy tradition that crossed Europe in the 20th century: hungarian czardas, valse musette, swing, and Rumanian hora. This heterogeneous musical panorama, which extends from France to the Balkans and to the Eastern European countries, crossing Alsace, the former Yugoslavia, Albania, Serbia and Rumania, is amalgamated within a sonority typical of French manouche swing, in tribute to the musician Django Reinhardt and his people; the gypsies, sole witnesses until now of the extraordinary variety and wealth of the musical languages that animate the European culture.

casale marittimo pisa

august 6 - 9.45 p.m.

sacri cuori – delone (ITA)

august 6 – 9.45 p.m.

Sacri Cuori, Fellini’s bastard children, are on the road again. Hailing from Romagna, Italy, the band is led by guitarist/producer Antonio Gramentieri and plays instrumentally topographical music that mirrors the terrain they actually experience, whether it be a Rimini beach full of nostalgia and desire or the Mojave desert in the dead of winter.
Sacri Cuori have created a stunning cinematic ouevre over their own records and in the meantime they have also been choosed as a live&studio band by: Richard Buckner, Howe Gelb, Dan Stuart (Green on Red), Hugo Race, Robyn Hitchcock, Woody Jackson, and many others, including italian heroes Vinicio Capossela and Il Pan Del Diavolo. – dopo l’anteprima su ecco il video in hd su youtube) – e che sarà special guest in alcune date estive.

riparbella pisa

Baro Drom Orkestar is an explosive and exciting group coming from Florence (Italy) that combines tradition and innovation in the so-called “Power Gypsy Dance”.
They mix klezmer, armenian, balkanian music and pizzica from Salento (Apulia) with an unconventional ensemble: electric violin with effects, accordion, electric double-bass and modified drums.
Most of songs are original compositions and even the traditional tunes are re-arranged with their typical “power-world-dance” sound.
Italian temperament, passion and hot rhythm…World music with a rock attitude.

monteverdi marittimo pisa

Fabrizio Pocci e il Laboratorio is a musical project created by five friends who decided to travel and play music together. The main components of their tracks are feelings, emotions, love, passion, reflections and sensations and you will always be impressed and amused by them. Fabrizio Pocci has being singing and playing since he was a child, like his father and he likes to be defined a music lover. He also writes music and lyrics sometimes with Gabriele Biondi from Casino Royale. Fabrizio is a dreamer with his feet on the ground who can make his dreams be followed by reality. So as in a challenge he decided, with his friends, to start up Fabrizio Pocci e il Laboratorio.

chianni pisa

Fanfara Station is the new project started up by a multinstrumentalist, Marzouk Mejri from Tunisia and a trumpet player, Charles Ferris from USA. They play “stambeli”, the Tunisian music, muewesheh, Arab classical and Arab-Andalusian music in Tunisia called malouf, and original tracks inspired by sufi fraternity. Fanfara Station is a challenge, a duo that thanks to a loop station plays like an Ottoman Fanfara.
At the end of the live performance, the electronic Ghiaccioli e Branzini DJ will mix up a hybrid sound to listen, but most of all…to dance.

loc. pomaia santa luce pisa