Terrakota come back in Italy, their second house to present their new album Oxalà
From August 19 on they will play in Trento, Aosta, San Vincenzo, Roma and Valdaora Bolzano

Oxalàis the seventh Terrakota’s album, the most famous world music band from Portugal. They will be in ITaly to present the new album with some concerts in the centre and north of Italy. 

Here is the tour
19 august | Mandrea Music Festival | Arco (Trento)
20 august | Etétrad Festival | Aosta
21 august | Ondasuonda Music Festival Musicastrada Festival | San Vincenzo (Livorno)
24 august | Villa Ada Roma Incontra Il Mondo | Roma
26 august | kribiskrabis | Valdaora (Bolzano)

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