The “Voices of Minorities” European project is a collaboration project
of four festivals from four different countries

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The Voices of Minorities is a collaboration project of four festivals from four different countries: Nights in Old Ljubljana Town/Imago Sloveniae (Slovenia), Musicastrada Festival (Tuscany, Italy), Trefpunt Ghent (Belgium) and Budapest Folk Fest/Hagyományok Háza (Hungary).

With the project, we would like to point out the often underestimated, even overlooked, but none the less essential influence that ethnic minorities are constantly exercising upon society and (especially musical) culture in Europe. The main idea of the project is the exchange of musicians and groups whose music reflects the effects of ethnic minorities among the four participating partners.

Each of the partners offered several bands representing the music of ethnic minorities in their countries in exchange. The result is a collection of several dozens of names of musically diverse performers representing minorities from many different areas of Europe and other continents, giving festival program leaders the freedom to design musical content.

All programs will reflect the music of minorities, and at the same time, due to the different choices of individual festivals, they will also be very diverse. An important aspect is the revival of cultural heritage, as the programs of all participating festivals will be held in historic old town centers.

Musicastrada Festival will host 5 bands: Csángálló Zenekar (Hungary) July 21 Montecalvoli, Magnifico (Slovenia) July 26 Vicopisano, Refugees for Refugees (Belgium) July 28  Pontedera, Fanfara la Panika (Belgium) August 7 Chianni, Babra (Hungary) August 9 Castellina Marittima


  • Budapest Folk Fest (Hagyományok Háza) | 22nd–25th May 2019 | Budapest, Hungary


  • Musicastrada | End of Julybeginning of August 2019 | Toscany, Italy


  • Trefpunt | 19th–28th July 2019 | Ghent, Belgium


  • Nights in Old Ljubljana Town (Imago Sloveniae) | 29. – 31. August 2019 | Ljubljana, Slovenia


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