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“NISBA” is the new 3rd album
by Baro Drom Orkestar

New release party @ ExWide
Pisa, Italy on 19th Jan 2019.

Are you ready to dance from the beginning to the end?!? 

With more than 400 concerts throughout Europe, including festivals, theaters, and clubs; with three albums and lots of collaborations, BARO DROM Orkestar are one of the best in the world music scene. This quartet, born with the passion for the fiery rhythms of Eastern Europe and the melodies of the Mediterranean, over the years has developed its own original language.

In the new compositions, you can hear Brazilian sounds, echoes of Mongolian music and Middle Eastern colors, thanks to ancestral instruments such as  berimbau and Udu mixed by accordion and violin melodies  vintage Farfisas and distorted double bass for an unusual hypnotic dances. A new world of sounds which doesn’t betray the energy and style that has always distinguished the band.

There are many collaborations on their new work:  Argui’s oud,  Mauro Palmas’ lute cantabile, Massimo Giuntini’s flute and the trumpet by Nicola Cellai’s trumpet, and last but not the least Andrea Locci, who developed Nisba’s artwork with its visionary works.

NISBA is Baro Drom Orkestar’s third album, after GENAU and JUG. It is released by Materiali Sonori and Musicastrada Records and it will be available on 15th February 2019 on all digit music platforms.

Line Up: Vieri Bugli Violin & effects – Modestino Musico: Accordion & Synth – Michele Staino Electric Double Bass – Gabriele Pozzolini Drums Percussions & Electronics

• 19th January 10.00 p.m.

Exwide, Via Franceschi 13, 56125 Pisa

NISBA #newalbumreleaseparty
entrance € 5  ENTES members only


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