Yemule Muladdiwen“ is out!
The second single from the next Fanfara Station‘s studio album…

Following the release of the multicolored single “Nagran” of few months ago, Fanfara Station reveal their second track along their path to their new album: “Yemule Muladdiwen” out on all digital stores for Garrincha Gogo, a subsidiary label company of Garrincha Dischi focused on world-music and contamination among all different genres of music without a compass.

Listen  the new single here:

➡  Listen Yemule Muladdiwen – click here 

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Marzouk Mejri (Tunisia) – voice, percussion, Tunisian winds, loops
a well-known Tunisia songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who already performed with James Senese, Daniele Sepe, 99 Posse, etc.

Charles Ferris (Usa) – trumpet, trombone, loops
a trumpet & trombone player from United States and explorer of brass band traditions across the world.

Ghiaccioli & Branzini Dj (Italy) – electronics and programming
a DJ and producer from Turin with the ability to contaminate electronics with blues, jazz and folk in an unprecedented way..

Fanfara Station is a trio that brings the power of a brass band and electronics to North African vocals and percussion.

Fanfara Station is the winner of the 12th Edition of the Andrea Parodi Awards 2019 , the most important contest in Italy dedicated to World Music

Inspired by Marzouk’s memories of his father’s brass band, Fanfara Station celebrates the epic feats of the Mediterranean’s migrants, the musical cultures of the African diaspora and the flows that have long connected the Middle East, the Magreb, Southern Europe and the Americas.

Fanfara Station is a celebration with a brass band, an entire North African rhythm section and contemporary electro Dance beats. 

It’s a dance party created live by only three musicians thanks to the use of loop stations for live over-dubbing.  



Sziget 2019, Womex Official Selection 2020 (HU) Global Toronto 2021 (CA) Festival Convivencia, Les Festiv’, SAM’ AFRICA,Centre Culturel Paul Bailliart (FR) LAC (CH) Kunigunda – Festival (SLO) Veneto Jazz, Festivalle, Musica dei Popoli, Cous Cous Festival, Adriatico Mediterraneo, Ambria Jazz Festival, Festival delle Culture Ravenna, Arno Vivo, Musicastrada Festival, Premio Parodi, Suoni Mobili, Folkest, Mare e Miniere (ITA)

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