Who We Are | Musicastrada

Musicastrada is an organization founded in 2000 in Tuscany, Italy, that mainly deals with the promotion and production of musical events.
It regularly organizes concerts, festivals, and exhibitions at various times of the year, both free and paid.
The best-known event is the “Musicastrada Festival“, an itinerant event focused on music, photography and territory promotion based in the West Coast of Tuscany. (Italy), usually from the half of July to the Half of August.
He deals with the organization of tours and management for Italian and international artists thanks to the booking and management agency “Musicastrada Booking and Management” with which he participates in conferences dedicated to world music such as the Babel Med in Marseille, Womex, Medimex, Budapest Ritmo, Mercat de Música Viva de Vic, Mundial Montréal, Visa for Music …